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  Skycrater - Tale of the Frozen Valley (2017)

Music Information:

Album: Tale of the Frozen Valley

Band: Skycrater

Genre: Heavy Metal

Year: 2017

Country: China

Quality: 320kbps

Format: .mp3

Size: 145.1 MB

Torrent Information:

Upload Date: 02/01/17

Uploader: poeacatinga

Tag: Skycrater (CHN)

Rating: 0.0

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Tracklist/ Albums:

01. A Shameless King
02. Magnaroth the Evil Lord
03. Foul Treachery (First Betrayal)
04. The Young Messenger
05. The King's Death (Second Betrayal)
06. The Frozen Valley
07. The Duel (Third Betrayal)
08. The Magician and the Sorcerer
09. Lothar's Deceit
10. A New King
11. The Minstrel's Lament


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