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  Selzar - Void Awake (2017)

Music Information:

Album: Void Awake

Band: Selzar

Genre: Progressive Metal, Other

Year: 2017

Country: Austria

Quality: 320kbps

Format: .mp3

Size: 83.6 MB

Torrent Information:

Upload Date: 09/01/17

Uploader: poeacatinga

Tag: Selzar (AUT)

Rating: 0.0

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Tracklist/ Albums:

01. Yclept Owt That Is Direful
02. New Heavy Bombardment
03. The First Waterbender
04. Commencing Possession
05. To Behold a Magnum Opus
06. Logjam of Advancement
07. Polyparous Nonentity
08. An Onset of Thousands


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