Revel In Flesh - Emissary of All Plagues (2016) [Death Metal] 320kbps - Dark Torrents
  Revel In Flesh - Emissary of All Plagues (2016)

Music Information:

Album: Emissary of All Plagues

Band: Revel In Flesh

Genre: Death Metal

Year: 2016

Country: Germany

Quality: 320kbps

Format: .mp3

Size: 102.8 MB

Torrent Information:

Upload Date: 01/12/16

Uploader: poeacatinga

Tag: Revel In Flesh (GER)

Rating: 0.0

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Tracklist/ Albums:

01. Emissary of All Plagues
02. Casket Ride
03. Fortress of Gloom
04. Servants of the Deathkult
05. Torture Throne
06. The Dead Lives On
07. Lord of Flesh
08. Sepulchral Passage
09. Dead to This World
10. Doctor, Doctor (UFO cover)


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